Talent Acquisition & Development in Greater China and South East Asia

Intercultural Assessment
& Facilitation

People assessment is an essential part of recruiting and talent development, particularly in China where the cultural and language differences make this evaluation more difficult. DRAGONFLY GROUP consultants have a long experience in people assessment, particularly of Chinese talents.

When to perform an external assessment?

This service is very adequate in the following situations:

  • Recruitment: You have already identified one or several candidates for an open position and you want to get an external expert point of view to help you make the best choice.
  • Selection: You are setting up a new Joint-Venture, and you want to select among the employees of your Chinese partner those who will join the JV.
  • Internal promotion: You want to favor internal promotion based on the potential of your employees
  • Development: You have decided to give larger responsibilities to one of your employees, and you want to know what are his areas of development.
  • Problem solving: People in your subsidiary or department are facing relationship issues and you wish to understand and solve it.


Our Chinese and Western consultants perform in depth interviews. A variety of formats can be used for one to one interviews. We usually recommend the following combination:

  • Biographical Interview Candidates are asked to talk about their background, education, career experience and personal interests.
  • Competency Based Interview Competency based interviews ensure that selection decisions are based on behavioral skills that are important for the position. Questioning is focused on collecting information on specific competencies, based on behavioral evidence. Questioning is directed toward feelings and reactions in given situations.
  • Chinese and Western interviewers One Chinese consultant and one Western consultant perform the interview assessment, either simultaneously or consecutively. This level of service brings you the dual point of view from the local and international perspectives.

Assessment Tools

Complementary to interviews, Assessment tools can measure an individual on a set of criteria and compare collected answers to a reference of data. These questionnaires help to better picture the personality, behavior and preferences of a person.

Many assessment tools exist on the market, with different characteristics and reliability. We usually work with the following reliable tools. Other tests are available upon request.

  • The Harrison Assessment (HA) measures 156 dimensions including motivations, personality traits, interests, work values, and work preferences. It also measures the reliability of the results (“lie detector”). Validity research on HA shows a predicative accuracy greater than 80%. This assessment was designed for recruitment purpose, but is also very useful for personal development.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory collects personal preferences and indicates which of the 16 personality types someone tends to have. It is particularly useful in executive coaching and team coaching. The MBTI is also a very reliable tool but it only sorts for preferences and does not measure trait, ability, or character.
  • The Profile XT measures the total person from thinking and reasoning style to behavioral traits and occupational interests.
  • The Profile Performance Indicator measures behavioral tendencies in the following critical, job-related competencies and provides suggestions for improving performance in productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork and problem solving.
  • The Profile Sales Indicator measures the five key qualities that make successful salespeople: competitiveness, persistence, self-reliance, energy and sales drive.

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