Talent Acquisition & Development in Greater China and South East Asia

About Dragonfly group

Who we are

DRAGONFLY GROUP is a consulting firm, expert in Talent Acquisition and Human Resource Development in Greater China and South East Asia. We help our Clients in their strategic HR projects:

  • Recruiting for key positions,
  • Developing the leadership of individuals,
  • Increasing the loyalty of teams,
  • Adjusting the balance between Chinese and Western management styles,
  • Improving the HR corporate organization, etc.

Our services include:

  • Executive Search and Recruitment
  • Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Assessment and Talent retention
  • HR Consulting
  • Intercultural management consulting and Training

Our clients

Our Clients range from small and medium size enterprises to large corporate groups and cover a broad spectrum of industries:

Life sciences & Pharmaceuticals - Food & Agriculture - Oil, Gas & Energy - Finance & Investment funds - Mechanical, Metal & Chemical industries - Luxury, Fashion & Exclusive retail - FMCG & Distribution - IT, Telecom & Electronics - Marketing, Advertising, Media, Internet - Environmental Technologies - Transportation & Logistics

Some of our clients:

  • Algeco
  • Bnp-paribas
  • Buffet
  • Capital-group
  • Clarins
  • Cooperl
  • Dassault
  • Leosphere
  • Magimix
  • Mazarine
  • Metro
  • Newell-brands
  • Openairlines
  • Pininfarina
  • Rothschild
  • Safran
  • Solvay
  • V-zug
  • fabernovel
  • marelli

Our members

  • Eric Tarchoune
    Eric Tarchoune
  • Yves Corcelle
    Yves Corcelle
  • Philippe Comolet
    Philippe Comolet
  • Kay Xu
    Kay Xu
  • Nicolas Fusier
    Nicolas Fusier
  • Karen Tong
    Karen Tong
  • Jones Liew
    Jones Liew
  • Tracy Xu
    Tracy Xu
  • Katrina Cai
    Katrina Cai
  • Yan Zheng
    Yan Zheng
  • Mariia Riazantcheva
    Mariia Riazantcheva
  • Thierry Laurent
    Thierry Laurent
  • Karen Huang
    Karen Huang
  • Kirsten Giering
    Kirsten Giering
  • Jean Denerolle
    Jean Denerolle
  • Gaétan Messin
    Gaétan Messin
  • Irene Li
    Irene Li
  • Doris Zhang
    Doris Zhang
  • Richard Yan
    Richard Yan
  • Christina Beaufils
    Christina Beaufils
  • Colette Camayor
    Colette Camayor
  • Liu Ying
    Liu Ying
  • Zhu Mei Yi
    Zhu Mei Yi
  • Olivier Maitre
    Olivier Maitre
  • Leona Wan
    Leona Wan
  • Pierre Do
    Pierre Do
  • Sarah Wang
    Sarah Wang
  • Jérôme de Clarens
    Jérôme de Clarens
  • Michelle Wu
    Michelle Wu
  • Sabrina Shi
    Sabrina Shi

Key advantages

  • A full scope of HR services to help you recruit, develop, and retain talented individuals and strong management teams
  • A tailor-made service with guaranteed result
  • Experienced multicultural teams, with Westerner consultants speaking mandarin and Chinese nationals with international exposure
  • A strong expertise of the Chinese market

A nation wide presence in Greater China and an international network

DRAGONFLY GROUP was set up in Shanghai. In 2006, a wholly owned company was opened in Hong Kong then in Beijing in 2011. In 2012, a branch was established in Shenzhen and a partnership in Chengdu and representatives in Wuhan and in Guangzhou. DRAGONFLY GROUP is also the partner for China of PRAXI ALLIANCE, an independent network of Executive Search firms. This network is a valuable asset for sourcing candidates in more than 30 countries in the world.

A recognized expertise

DRAGONFLY GROUP MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Ltd, a management consulting company was established in Shanghai in 2004 then DRAGONFLY GROUP HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTING Ltd was created in 2006 in Shanghai as well as in Hong Kong together with a partner company in Paris, France. From then on, accumulating tremendous experience on the Chinese market, we opened offices in Beijing and Shenzhen and developed a partnership with a local company in Chengdu and a local presence in Guangzhou and in Wuhan.

We fully understand the dynamic of the talent market, and we contribute every day to the intercultural understanding between West and East.

Unlike many self-proclaimed recruiting providers in China, DRAGONFLY GROUP holds the national License for Human Resources and Recruitment services. Recruiting is indeed a regulated activity in China. Only companies holding the national HR License are allowed to provide headhunting and recruiting services. Moreover this license must be renewed every year.